BrazelBerry® Raspberry Shortcake® im Kübel im Garten

Raspberry Shortcake®

The first BrazelBerry® raspberry is finally here

This raspberry tastes as good as the name already implies: Raspberry Shortcake® is sweet and aromatic. Its decorative vegetation makes it the perfect plant for every garden and every balcony. It is very compact and carries many, many big, sweet berries, that can be harvested easy as pie, without any thorns! That makes it the perfect variety for family gardens. Another bonus: Raspberry Shortcake® does not need trellis or cordons, like common raspberries.

About this variety

GENUS/SPECIES: Rubus idaeus (NR7)

HARVEST PERIOD: July & September

BERRIES: Size M (sweet raspberry flavor)

GROWING HEIGHT: up to 90 cm / shrubby

LEAF COLOUR: spring - fresh green | autumn - red-green

PLANTING AND CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Ideal for planting in pots in soil with a pH value between 6,5 and 7,5. Add fertiliser in early spring. After the berry harvest, you can cut them to shape as required.