The perfect berry hedge

The name says it: From foliage to growth - this compact vaccinium angustifolium variety looks confusingly similar to Buxwood - but with one crucial difference: Numerous, delicious blueberries for snacking! The harvest of just a small plant in a 6 liter pot is incredible: 1200 berries have been harvested in our test garden this year. So the plants are not just decorative Boxwood-like figures for the garden, they also supply plenty of healthy nutrients.

Urban self-sufficiency in style

With small, compact BerryBux® plants it is now possible to transform any flower box into an urban fruit hedge. And it looks amazing anyway, at any point of the year: In spring you have rich green foliage with plenty of white flowers, in summer you have countless aromatic berries and in autumn you get a wonderful red foliage color. This makes at least three dreams come true at once!

About this variety

GENUS/SPECIES: Vaccinium angustifolium (ZF08-095)


BERRIES: Size S (bilberry aroma, sweet)

GROWING HEIGHT: Up to 60 cm / compact

LEAF COLOUR CHANGES: Spring -dark green, Autumn - reddish green

These plants prefer acidic soil. Ideal for planting in pots in soil
with a pH value of up to 5.5. Add fertiliser in early spring. After
the berry harvest, you can cut them to shape as required.