Pink Breeze®

Pink Breeze® comes with breathtaking foliage colours all year round. In the spring, the dark green leaves shimmer with a hint of pink that glitters like a layer of frost in the sunset. In autumn, deep blues and greens dominate the palette.

Apart from its unique colour changes, Pink Breeze® also offers a high fruit yield with aromatic, XL-size berries.

Special features

  • Compact garden bilberry with breathtaking foliage colours.
  • In spring, the leaves shimmer in a pale pink, transforming in autumn into shades of deep blue and green.
  • Especially planted in groups, this variety makes a fantastic display in the distance.
  • Apart from the foliage colouring, what makes the variety especially delicious and beautiful are the extremely large berries and high yield.
  • Sweet, intensive flavour of the extra-large berries.



Reifezeit: Juli & September    
Beeren: Größe XL (klassisches Brombeer-Aroma)
Früchte: sehr große Früchte am Triebende
Wuchshöhe: bis max. 120 cm / buschig
Laubfärbung:  Frühling         Herbst