Peach Sorbet®

Peach Sorbet® fully lives up to its name. In spring, the variety produces lovely shoots with fresh shades that call to mind a delicious peach sorbet. And when it comes to taste, the blueberries continue the theme with a tropical, juicy-sweet peach aroma.

In late summer, the leaves shade to deep red-purple, making Peach Sorbet® is a feast for the eyes in autumn as well.

Special features

  • Compact blueberry plant with stunning good looks all year round.
  • As the name says, the colour of the foliage in spring recalls apricot sorbet in shades of juicy pink and orange.
  • And Peach Sorbet® delights with another highlight in winter:  from late autumn, the leaves stand out in a bright red-purple colour.
  • The pretty mass of flowers in spring promises a bumper summer harvest of aromatic blueberries.