Jelly Bean®

With its extremely compact shape, Jelly Bean® looks like a round bowling ball. That makes it a charming addition to any small corner on a balcony or patio. The light green new growth of Jelly Bean® in spring provides a brilliant display. As the summer progresses, the leaves turn a slightly darker green, and the tips turn bright red in the autumn.

Despite their compact growth, Jelly Bean® plants produce an especially high yield. The host of small blueberries taste just as sweet as the famous American jelly beans.

Special features

  • The name says it all: a small plant that produces a vast quantity of aromatic fruit as sweet as the famous American jelly bean - a healthy treat!
  • The plants grow in a compact shape almost as round as a bowling ball. They look nothing like a normal blueberry plant.
  • Pale green and glossy in spring, the leaves turn dark green with lovely red highlights in summer.