Baby Cakes®

This blackberry has earned its name because Baby Cakes® is sugar sweet in all senses. It has nothing like the straggly look of normal blackberry varieties that tend to get tucked out of sight at the very back of the garden. On the contrary: the plants are compact, almost spherical, practically thorn-free and produce abundant, aromatic fruits! They are perfect even for small urban balconies - adding decorative flair as well as delicious snacks!

Special features

  • In spring, the blackberry plants produce a mass of white flowers
  • The extremely large berries can be harvested from July. Despite their size, they have a very intensive, classic blackberry aroma
  • In a mild autumn, Baby Cakes® can even produce a second harvest in September
  • Unlike conventional blackberry bushes, this variety has almost no thorns and is very compact, so it's ideal for family gardens - even where space is limited.