BrazelBerry® blueberries prefer a permeable, acidic soil. The ideal pH value (degree of acidity) is between 4.5 and 5.5. Baby Cakes® blackberries prefer a pH value of between 6.5 and 7.5. This ensures optimal uptake of nutrients. BrazelBerry® plants thrive in beds as well as pots.
The quick and easy way to find out the acidity of your soil is to use a pH soil test. That shows you the pH value of the soil within minutes. Test sets are available from any garden centre.
If the pH value is too high, mix in soil for moorland plants.

BrazelBerry® in pots

If you plant BrazelBerry® plants in pots, make sure they are not too small and allow plenty of room for the plants to grow. We recommend a minimum diameter of 40 cm. If you plant additional plants in the pot, choose a correspondingly larger diameter.

Tip: pot plants dry out faster than plants in a bed. That's why you should water them every day in hot summer weather. Ideally, add water until it starts to run out of the drainage holes in the pot. To prevent a build-up of water, we recommend ensuring good drainage in the form of gravel, shards of clay or expanded clay in the bottom of the pot.