To guarantee bumper crops, it is important to add fertilizer to BrazelBerry® blueberries from time to time. We recommend doing this both in early spring at the beginning of the growth period and in early summer when the berries are ripe. You can use any fertiliser for acid-loving plants such as azaleas or rhododendrons. Granulate or liquid fertilisers are equally suitable. 

Also excellent are organic nitrogen fertilisers such as horn shavings. They provide balanced nutrients and promote humus formation in the soil. We don't recommend using manure or compost because they usually have a high lime content that would damage acid-loving blueberries.
Tip: coffee grounds make an unconventional but effective blueberry fertiliser. Simply occasionally sprinkle them onto the soil. Coffee grounds acidify the soil and contain phosphor, potassium and nitrogen which give the blueberries a free boost. 

Baby Cakes® blackberries don't necessarily need fertiliser to produce fruits, but adding fertiliser in early spring can help them thrive and increase the delicious crop. A balanced fertiliser with an equal ratio of nitrogen, phosphor and potassium is ideal.